About Our Shop

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We are a 100% American-made company.  We cut, sew, and print all of our gear right here in Laramie, Wyoming.  We have spent years mastering our skills so we can provide you with great gear at an amazing price.  One of the ways we keep our prices so low is through using "end rolls" of fabric, which saves you money and the landfill unnecessary waste.  'End rolls' are the leftover bolts of fabric that aren't big enough for a large company to complete a whole series of identical bags, but they are perfect for us.  Bottom line; we use top quality materials crafted by an individual from our Atmosphere's family.

Our values include the outdoors, dogs at the work place, and 'keeping it local' (which is partially why we waited so long to build a website).  We also believe that everyone should feel good in their gear, and we think that happens when everyone has something a little different, which is why we constantly change the color combinations for our bags.  This guarantees you won't run into someone with the exact same bag the next time you hit the trail with Atmosphere Mountainworks gear.


For a complete collection of original Atmosphere Mountainworks gear, including coats, pants, and accessories, please visit us at our store front in Historical Downtown Laramie.

Atmosphere Mountainworks

210 South 2nd Street

Laramie, Wyoming 8207

(307) 742-3056

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